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Miller's work on Batman..

Hey all, there's something that has always kinda bothered me and I wondered what you guys thought of it. Thing is, I've never understood why people tend to love The Dark Knight Returns and tend to hate All Star Batman & Robin. When I read the latter I was simply overwhelmed by the witty lines and, okay, the awesome Jim Lee artwork. Also, the story made sense, despite the sarcasm and nihilsm sometimes. TDKR was simply boring and, yes I admit it, I generally don't like Miller's artworks so that didn't help me along either. So yes, I can be just the artwork that made me like the one and dislike the other. And, I'm not trying to compare both books, cause they're so very different and written at different times and all.. But I'm just wondering why everyone dotes on TDKR and seems to dispise All Star B&R. Perhaps I just don't get TDKR cause I'm reading it today and not 20 years ago (I wasn't even born when it came out, so yeah, it might have to do with my age).

So really, do I just have bad taste, or are people generally trying to sound arty and ditch stuff that is simply funny and looks good, and call it base? Am I alone with this opinion or not??

And addionally, I'm kinda looking for The Spirit (the movie) icons.. I saw the few posts in this community, but does someone know where to find any others? And oh well, now we're at it: how did you guys like that movie? I liked it a lot - but then again, I have bad taste.. Or not.

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