spirk4life (spirk4life) wrote in frank_miller,

August 18th!

From Sci Fiwire

Frank Miller, who co-directed Sin City with Robert Rodriguez, told Empire Online that his upcoming sequel will be one of five such movies he envisions, based on his Sin City graphic novels.

"I'm finishing the script right now for Sin City 2," Miller told the site. "I can't wait to get back behind the camera. If I have my way, there's going to be five [films]. But that's if I have my way! Five would take care of all the graphic novels. But there's new material that I'm writing for the second one. There'll probably also be a separate graphic novel that I'll do. It's a Nancy Callahan story that I've been wanting to do."

Sin City 2 is slated for an Aug. 18, 2006, release. Miller is currently directing 300, based on his other graphic novel, about the ancient Battle of Thermopylae.
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